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Minnesota Boys Scholastic Lacrosse Association

Executive Board Meeting

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

The MBSLA Executive Board will meet to recap the 2017 season and discuss plans for 2018.  Stay tuned for a meeting follow-up.  Welcome back to school!

2017 Varsity Awards

Academic All American

#19 Owen Stempkovski, St Paul (3.9 GPA)

All American

#19 Owen Stempkovski, St Paul

All State

#33 Ben Koesters, Chisago Lakes
#23 Doug Keiser, St Paul
#42 Luke Zaruba, Chisago Lakes

Honorable Mention:
#57 Preston Willman
#10 Dan Napier

#35 Matt Mohr, Chisago Lakes
#22 Keja Day, Duluth
#15 Haakon Deach, St Paul

Honorable Mention:
#39 Terrell Ayers, Chisago Lakes
#12 Donnie Mahowald, St Paul

#8 Nick Bogue, St Paul
#47 Ryan Marx, Chisago Lakes
#13 Henry Mitchell, Red River

Honorable Mention:
#9 Brock Finn, St Paul
#39 Andrew Tarnaky, Red River
#19 Eamon Mackinaw, Duluth

#18 Justin Sachs, Chisago Lakes

Honorable Mention:
#11 Cameron Sherrard, Red River
#00 Jagger Ogilvie, Duluth

#19 Owen Stempkovski, St Paul

Honorable Mention:
#42 Brandon Rust, Red River

#9 Chris Stone, Red River


    The MBSLA is the spring boys lacrosse league for high school club teams for Varsity and 9th/10th grade. The MBSLA includes all of Minnesota and several border communities in North Dakota and Wisconsin.

    MBSLA Documents

    Board, fees, bylaws, operating policies, budgets and AGM minutes.


    Everything else.

    Volunteer Board Members

    Damon Kocina

    Damon Kocina


    Phone: 763.300.1397

    Harold Buck

    Vice President, Referee Assigner

    Bou Gazley


    Dylan Dickey


    Phone: 651.335.5320

    Terri Kromvig

    Communications Officer

    Phone: 612.940.4920