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MBSLA Resources

Before the first game, all teams need:

  1. Current contact in ArbiterSports. This is the official schedule and emails any game change info automatically. Instructions for this went out to all association leaders.
  2. Coaching contacts listed in the Google Drive spreadsheets. Email the league coordinator (link on each league page) if you need the link to any league.
  3. Editing access to each team page. First, create or login to a Sport Ngin account on Then, click "Become a Member" in either a pop up or in the top left next to your username. Finally, email your league coordinator your username and which team(s) you need access to.
  4. Rosters entered for Varsity, JV and 9/10 teams.

Sport Ngin Help Center

Members Guide and Coaches Manual

Contact Sport Ngin Support

Email form for support ticket

Email Webmasters

Same as "Help" link below every page